Gathered in Your name


Gathered in Your name

Here to worship You

And to see Your face, King of glory

Lord of all the earth

We belong to You

Everything redeemed in Your story


Hearts and voice united (Whoaa)

Shouting Your praise

Here we worship together (Whoaa)

Lifting up Your name


To You, our God

Be praise forever

Your name we lift high

And praise forever (more)

Let Your kingdom come

And Your will be done

Here on earth today as in heaven

In and through our lives

God be glorified

Strengthen us to live as Your people



Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory           

Yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory





Incredible Grace


Grace, incredible grace

Majesty that kneels to meet my gaze

Grace, incredible grace

Overwhelms my heart again and again


Perfect love that covers me

Sees what I can’t see

Blinded by my fear and failures

Here my hope can live again

Safe within this realm of love


Arms of love that carry me

Reach to steady me

When I feel my feet are slipping

Grace that does what I can’t do

Grace will lead me home to You


Be formed in us


We fix our eyes on You, our Lord

Our source of life, our Cornerstone

Search us oh God and make us new

Help us to    hope and live in You


Renew our minds, enlarge our souls

Revive our hearts and make us whole

May we know love, may we know grace

And true communion of the saints


Be formed in us, be formed in us

Christ our Saviour, Christ our living hope

Be formed in us


Your song   resounds from age to age

New streams of life from ancient wells

Help us to  see with eyes of faith

How You are moving in our day


Oh that we might know You more and more

And all the riches of Your love and power

The inheritance that’s ours in You

Be formed in us





We have found our home


You have called us by name

We are loved, we belong, we are free

You have freed us from shame

Now we sing of Your mercy and grace


We’re invited in, part of Your great family

And within Your love we have found our home

We are one in Christ

By Your Spirit, welcomed in

And within Your love we have found our home

We have found our home

Now we all take our place

With our heads lifted high we will stand

We are known and embraced

In this perfect and infinite love


Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship You

Hearts united in Your presence, we worship You

Father, Son and Holy Spirit, we worship You

We’re adopted, Yours forever, we live in You

You are worthy


Your great love burns within our hearts

When You speak, light dispels the dark

We believe in Your redeeming power

And You are making all things    new


You are worthy, so worthy

King Jesus Lord of all

You are worthy, so worthy

We worship and adore


Nations rise, kings and rulers fall

Yet You are sovereign over all

You are Lord and one day all will come

And bow before Your holy throne


When it seems darkness will prevail

We have hope: Your love never fails

We are Yours, our destiny assured

We’ll live with You forevermore


Hallelujah, You are victorious

Hallelujah, forever glorious

Hallelujah, we are alive in You

And we stand together as one

God of all of me


In the shelter of Your love

In the shadow of Your wing

I will live, carried by Your grace

In the centre of Your gaze

In the rhythm of Your heart

I will live, carried by Your grace

You will go before me

You are ever with me

No heights or depths beyond the reaches of Your love

You are all around me

Searching deep within me

God of all of me

In my darkness still there’s light

Nothing hidden from Your sight

You are here watching over me

Every longing and desire

All laid bare before Your eyes

You are here watching over me



He's alive

Son of God and Son of man

Divine and human

Word made flesh, Emmanuel

God is with us


Redeeming and making us new

He’s opened our eyes


He’s alive, He’s alive, He’s alive

Shout it from the rooftops

Everybody sing out

We’re alive, we’re alive, we’re alive

Living for His glory

We are His forever


Through our lives His love is shown

God’s great story

We are His, His breath in us

A new creation




All songs and music by Becky Frith

© 2018 Song Solutions: